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Bikes for all ages...

We sell bikes to suit all age groups from toddlers, children, to teenagers and adults.  Our speciality is in the premium lightweight kids' bike market.

From ages 2 and up, children are strong enough to move about on a balance bike or learn to ride a two-wheel bicycle with stabilisers.

As kids grow older and bikes get larger, extra features such as gears, suspension and more powerful braking systems will start to appear to meet the demands of the cyclist.  Finally, as we reach the upper age limit of the kids' bike category, bikes will look more like adult bikes, albeit in smaller frame sizes.

For riders aged 12 and beyond, adult bikes take things even further, with many different styles including mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, trekking bikes, classic bikes, folding bikes, road bikes, touring bikes, gravel bikes, to name but a few!

Go off-roading and over rough terrain on a mountain bike, tackle the urban commute on a hybrid or folding bike, reach your top speed on a road bike, or go on an adventure with a touring or gravel bike.


Squish 14 balance bike mint
£169.00 £199.99
Ridgeback MX14 blue
£175.00 £199.99
Squish 16 red (Ex-Display)
£239.00 £329.99
Ridgeback Dimension 14 pink
£249.00 £299.99
Squish 14 orange
£269.00 £319.99
Squish 14 pink
£269.00 £319.99
Squish 14 blue
£269.00 £319.99
Ridgeback Dimension 16 blue
£269.00 £329.99
Squish 16 purple
£279.00 £329.99
Squish 16 red
£279.00 £329.99
Squish 16 green
£279.00 £329.99
Ridgeback Harmony green
£279.00 £349.99
Squish 18 blue
£289.00 £339.99
Squish 18 aqua
£289.00 £339.99
Squish 18 red
£289.00 £339.99
Ridgeback Serenity plum
£309.00 £419.99