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Brands Guide

Frog brand logo

Jerry & Shelley Lawson founded Frog Bikes in 2013. It was a fruitless bike hunt for their own two children that inspired them to leave their corporate careers behind and create bikes just for kids.  As they set about creating quality, lightweight and affordable kids' bikes, Frog Bikes was born.

Fast forward to today and Frog's child-centred approach has earned them global accolade, including industry awards for innovation and design, best bike awards in the press, an award-winning factory in Wales, the Queens Award for Enterprise and Manufacturer of the Year at the 'Made in the UK' awards, to name but a few!

Frog bikes are designed with the child in mind. They continually modify their frames and components in collaboration with sports scientists at the Brunel University and a Team GB Olympic bike designer to create lighter children’s frames.  Frog bikes are manufactured in a Pontypool factory in South Wales.



Woom brand logo

Founded in 2013 in a garage in Vienna, Woom has now blossomed into an international company.  Woom is represented in 30 countries, including Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France, Italy, Scandinavia and USA.

The company's story began with the decision of two bike-mad dads, Christian Bezdeka and Marcus Ihlenfeld, to develop a bike for their kids that would perfectly fit the proportions and riding behaviour of children.

In 2013, the time was finally right: Christian, a trained biomedical technician with a degree in industrial design and years of experience within the bike industry, and Marcus, who up to that point had been a marketing manager within the automotive industry, founded Woom in a garage in Vienna.

After Christian struggled to find enough statistical data online about the anatomy of children, he developed his own size tables to perfectly adapt the bikes to the needs and proportions of children.  Even before founding Woom, Marcus taught some 200 children how to ride a bike on the street right in front of the garage, allowing them to experience that magical moment.

Since the company was first founded, Woom has gradually evolved to become one of Europe's most popular and successful children's bike manufacturers and is a market leader in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.



Squish brand logo

Squish bikes are designed to be super lightweight, functional and most of all, fun to ride!  Encouraging your child to enjoy cycling can sometimes be tricky, especially if their only option is to learn on a heavy bike, with components that are too big, and parts that are hard to use.

With a Squish bike, all those headaches have been removed.  Squish bikes are built around lightweight, triple-butted aluminium frames and feature components that are specially selected to be easy for kids to use, so they give your young ones a head start.

Perfectly proportioned pedal arms, stems, handlebars and brake levers help to make Squish bikes more enjoyable to ride.  Parents are now recognising the huge benefits of spending that bit extra on their child’s bike to get something they’ll truly enjoy riding.

Created in 2017, Squish has gone from strength to strength.  Operating from their UK headquarters in Birmingham, the Squish team make the bikes that they wish they were still young enough to ride themselves!  Squish - Smart bikes for little people.



Ridgeback brand logo

The Ridgeback story started in 1983 when founder Errol Drew created the first UK mountain bike.  Drew first spotted a mountain bike at the 1982 New York Bike Show, where he declared it “the future of cycling.”

With award-winning designs, Ridgeback has a reputation for innovation and quality and a diverse selection of models, including high-performance flat bar and touring bikes, to comfortable commuters and children’s bikes.



Forme brand logo

Forme Bikes is a British brand, launched in 2010 by Derby-based supplier, Moore Large.  Every bicycle is designed with their 'Formed By The UK' philosophy to provide uncompromised fun and function in all conditions.

The entire process, from the inception of a new bike, through design, prototyping, testing and then to the final realisation, takes place with a dedicated team of riders.

Real-world testing in challenging conditions ensures that Forme bikes are stacked full of performance, comfort and practical features, that can adapt to all the seasonal challenges of British cycling.

The goal at Forme is simple: to create a product that encourages people to ride more, become fitter, and enjoy a more sustainable, hassle-free cycling experience.



MET brand logo

MET is an Italian brand founded in 1987 which remains family-owned to this day.  MET are specialists in producing helmets for all cycling disciplines, including road, mountain, urban and leisure.

The company uses its vast expertise to create cycling helmets featuring the latest innovations and materials to deliver both performance and safety in abundance.

Designing and manufacturing continue to be carried out at the brand's factory at Talamona in the Italian Alps.  This enables MET to guarantee quality control and infuse a distinct amount of pride into each and every one of their products.



Skyway BMX brand logo

Skyway started in 1963 with a small workshop in Van Nuys, California.  After initially supplying specialist parts to Disney, the company concentrated its early years on Motocross components.  It also made parts for use in space vehicles.

In 1971 Skyway Recreation was formed.  After an abandoned attempt to manufacture a composite wheel for motorcycle use, the company decided to redesign the wheel for use on the then-new BMX bicycle.  The result was the Skyway Tuff Wheel, introduced in 1974.

It was the world's first composite bicycle wheel made from glass-reinforced nylon.  After the success of the original Tuff Wheel, Skyway introduced the Tuff II Wheel in 1979.  It was lighter and could carry a 30% greater load.

Over the years, Skyway expanded its range of BMX products and even manufactured wheels for wheelchairs.  However, the Tuff Wheel remains Skyway's most famous product, and more than 40 years on, Skyway still makes the wheel that made them famous - still made in the U.S.A!