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Frog Bikes MOT

Frog Bikes MOT extended warranty scheme


North Bikes is an official provider of MOTs for Frog Bikes.

What is it?

Like a car MOT test, the Frog Bike MOT gives the bicycle a thorough 20-point health check.

How does it work?

After booking your Frog Bikes MOT online, bring your Frog bike into our store and leave it with us so we can carry out the MOT test.  The official Frog Bikes MOT checks for damage, wear and tear and potential repairs or adjustments on 20 key safety points across the bike, including brakes, gears, handlebars, saddle, frame, wheels and drivetrain.

What are the benefits?

If your MOT is successful, you will receive an official MOT certificate and a 12 months limited warranty that can be passed on to the new owner.  The benefits are two-fold.  Firstly, an official Frog Bikes MOT will give parents peace of mind knowing their child's bike is safe to use both on and off-road.  Secondly, an official Frog Bikes MOT will strengthen the second-hand selling power of your child's Frog bike come resale time, giving buyers more confidence in choosing your bike over a competitor's.

What happens if it fails the MOT?

There are three potential outcomes of the Frog Bike MOT test:
PASS - The bike is in good working condition and is road safe
PASS WITH ADVISORY - This will highlight any issues that may cause problems in the future, which will need to be monitored by the owner and acted on when required
UNSAFE - The bike does not meet basic roadworthiness standards and requires some maintenance in order to retake the MOT test

If the bike requires some repairs or adjustments we will highlight the issues that need attention. On completion, a PASS will be awarded.

How much does it cost?

The Frog Bikes MOT test costs just £14.99.

How do I book my MOT test?

You can book and pay for your Frog Bikes MOT here. Shortly after payment is taken, a North Bikes representative will be in touch with some available dates and times.