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Squish bikes are designed to be super lightweight, functional and most of all, fun to ride!  Encouraging your child to enjoy cycling can sometimes be tricky, especially if their only option is to learn on a heavy bike, with components that are too big, and parts that are hard to use.

With a Squish bike, all those headaches have been removed.  Squish bikes are built around lightweight, triple-butted aluminium frames and feature components that are specially selected to be easy for kids to use, so they give your young ones a head start.

Perfectly proportioned pedal arms, stems, handlebars and brake levers help to make Squish bikes more enjoyable to ride.  Parents are now recognising the huge benefits of spending that bit extra on their child’s bike to get something they’ll truly enjoy riding.

Created in 2017, Squish has gone from strength to strength.  Operating from their UK headquarters in Birmingham, the Squish team make the bikes that they wish they were still young enough to ride themselves! Squish - Smart bikes for little people.

Squish Bikes

Squish 16 red
£289.99 £329.99
Squish 14 pink
£299.99 £319.99
Squish 14 blue
£299.99 £319.99
Squish 16 green
£309.00 £329.99
Squish 18 blue
£322.99 £339.99
Squish 18 red
£329.99 £339.99
Squish 20 white/purple
£359.99 £379.99
Squish 24 orange
£359.99 £399.99
Squish 20 white/blue
£359.99 £379.99
Squish 24 mint
Squish 26/13 grey
£399.99 £424.99
Squish 24 MTB
£499.99 £559.99
Squish 26 MTB
£499.99 £599.99