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Bike Size Guide


"Ordering bikes online is becoming more and more popular."

You don’t need to worry about trying a bike out for size at a shop so long as you know certain things about yourself, or the rider the bike is going to be for.

You can often find your correct bike size just by your height, but it’s beneficial to know your inside leg measurement as well. 

To measure the inside leg (inseam), with shoes on, have the rider stand against a wall, with feet slightly apart.  Place a hardbound book between legs and raise until the spine of the book firmly hits the rider’s crotch.

Level the book with the floor and measure from the ground up to the spine of the book to find your inside leg measurement. 

The bike wheel size is measured from the outer edge of the tyre to the opposite side outer edge of the tyre. 

The bike frame size is measured from the point where the seat post enters the frame to the centre of the chainwheel.



   12" wheel

   2 - 4 years

   90 - 105cm       

   14" min leg



   14" wheel

   3 - 5 years

   100 - 115cm       

   15" min leg



   16" wheel

   4 - 6 years

   110 - 125cm       

   16" min leg



   18" wheel

   5 - 8 years

   115 - 130cm       

   18" min leg



   20" wheel

   6 - 9 years

   120 - 135cm       

   20" min leg



   24" wheel

   8 - 11 years

   130 - 145cm       

   23" min leg



   26" wheel

   11+ years

   140 - 160cm       

   25" min leg