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Skyway Accessories
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Skyway started in 1963 with a small workshop in Van Nuys, California.  After initially supplying specialist parts to Disney, the company concentrated its early years on Motocross components.  It also made parts for use in space vehicles.  In 1971 Skyway Recreation was formed.

After an abandoned attempt to manufacture a composite wheel for motorcycle use, the company decided to redesign the wheel for use on the then-new BMX bicycle.  The result was the Skyway Tuff Wheel, introduced in 1974.

It was the world's first composite bicycle wheel made from glass-reinforced nylon.  After the success of the original Tuff Wheel, Skyway introduced the Tuff II Wheel in 1979.  It was lighter and could carry a 30% greater load.

Over the years, Skyway expanded its range of BMX products and even manufactured wheels for wheelchairs.  However, the Tuff Wheel remains Skyway's most famous product, and more than 40 years on, Skyway continues to make the wheel that made them famous - still made in the U.S.A!

Skyway Accessories